Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 422: Three Impulses

That is the title of an amazing piece of music we heard tonight.

It was composed by a friend who is in school doing some intense music stuff.  It was kind of crazy, to be honest.  But beyond impressive.  I don't know how one could possibly write something like that, nor how it could be played.  It was for both a piano and a violin.  I watched the two musicians fingers fly in great awe.  We took Sweet P with us.  I think she was pretty impressed, too.

But it's safe to say, her favorite part of the evening was the homemade chocolate sheetcake she got to eat after.

Thanks to our kind neighbors, we were able to watch in peace without the boys.  That made the whole evening more enjoyable, since they would have never sat through it.  But it was really fun and a nice ending to a truly nuts-o day.

Wishing you all impulsive Joyful Moments!

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Linda said...

Our hearts are filled with joy. Krysta is home from the hospital and doing better than anyone imagined. YEA!