Sunday, August 5, 2012

962: To Grandma's House We Go

Okay, so technically, we're already at Grandma's house before today, but two great-grandmas came over for dinner, too.  Joyful Moments in introducing Darling A to yet more family who all love and adore her.

It was a fun day seeing HH's siblings as well.

Darling A with one of her great-grandmas.  Love the matching outfits!

But, to be honest, the far and away most monumental Joyful Moment was when my parents came by HH's parents' home with a special delivery--Sweet P and Little M!  The reunion was slightly dampened by Little M.  He'd just woken up from a spontaneous nap and (as he always does after a late afternoon nap) could not stop crying.

Not the reunion I'd envisioned.

But, crying or no, I was so so so happy to have all my kiddos back with me again.

And another Joyful Moment when Little M was finally able to change his attitude after a lengthy pep talk from me.  But, I know it was difficult for him, so I was so proud.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and a change of attitude for the better!


Linda said...

It was great to see you and your family. Congrats on helping Little M change his attitude. That can take more effort than anyone but a parent realizes, can't it? love you!

Cheryl said...

Mom--You too. And, oh goodness, yes!