Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 987: Fine... Let It Be A Good Day

Started the morning off with a super tough treadmill class.  Followed by a ridiculously tough ab class.  Aside from a little bit of my Plantar Fascitis trying to return and a yucky pinched nerve-type pain in my neck and shoulder, it was a great morning!  I even got a super cute key chain holder thingy (can't think of the real term) sewn by one of my friends for my birthday.  I love that almost all of my friends are members of the same gym as me.  Anyway, so it was a morning of Joyful Moments.

Then a yummy lunch of leftover pasta primavera with Baby B and some funny chatter with him, too.  Joyful Moments.

I pretty much took it easy all afternoon because the pain in my neck has been so painful, but it wasn't too bad.

Then I had a brief exchange with HH via instant messaging and I got a bit annoyed with him and began my cycle downward into focusing on the negative and making it a bad day.

But, Little M and Sweet P came home and reported that Little M had been a super good boy all day and had even been helpful to those he'd been hurtful to yesterday.  That was a Joyful Moment--as far as I felt I could believe him, anyway.  He was in a really good mood though, along with everyone else, so my bad mood started retreating.

Then, HH came home and I still felt annoyed, but we got him and the oldest three kids out the door to go on a fun boating outing at the lake with Sweet P's Primary (Sunday School for children) class.

Meanwhile, Darling A and I stayed home and just smiled and gurgled at each other for a while.  I don't have to tell you what a fun Joyful Moment that was.  Then we got ready and headed off for Curriculum Night at the school.  I had a bit of trepidation because I knew I'd finally be meeting Little M's teacher and could get a better idea of how things were going from her perspective.

On the way there this song came on.

Remember the CD HH made for me on my birthday?  This was the final song on it.  From the first time I heard this song, it made me think of HH.  It's pretty much the same thing he's told me over and over these past 9 years.  He's never given up on me.

It's amazing what thinking about all of that did to my prior annoyance with him.  Completely banished.  I just thought, it's really not worth getting/being/staying mad.  I mean, why?  Really.  It's been a while since I could make myself just get over negative feelings like that.  And realizing that I'm regaining that skill was another Joyful Moment for me.

Next up:  Curriculum Night.  Plenty of Joyful Moments in watching everyone enjoy Darling A and her sweet cheeks.  And finally, at the very end, I got to talk to Little M's teacher.  After introducing myself, she got a big smile and told me that his biggest challenge is that he's a flirt.  Not a fighter.  I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear this.  I already knew he has a bit of a problem with all of his little "girlfriends", so that wasn't a surprise, or of much concern to me.  We can work on keeping his Social Butterfly restrained.  At least he isn't hurting anyone, or being more disruptive than your average Kindergartner.

Hah.  It was like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.  And such a Joyful Moment.

Came home and had more snuggles with my sweet little Darling A.  Then HH and the kids came home and couldn't wait to tell me all about all of the fun they had at the lake.  This was another Joyful Moment for me.

So, it was a really good day after all.  How blessed am I?

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and someone who won't give up on matter what!


Linda said...

I remember a friend who refused to go to parent/teacher meetings because she didn't want to hear the negative about her kids. I wonder if she would have a pleasant surprise if she'd done what you did. I'm so glad you got such good news from his teacher. It sounds like a good day.

Big JM today - attending the temple openhouse in Brigham City with your sisters and their kids. I'm so glad you took yours to the Kansas City temple openhouse, so they could feel the Spirit and make a commitment to return to the temple.

Tonight my HH and I went to the production "Arsenic and Old Lace" and laughed and laughed. This was a good day for me too.

Cheryl said...

Well, maybe if I hadn't had Sweet P's first I would feel differently. But, her conferences have always been such a delight. Plus, it's the only real insight I get into how things are going at school. I can't imagine not going!

I'm glad you've had such a great day! Sounds wonderful!

Amy said...

Just read this today. That song is AWESOME. I've never heard it before. I'm sure it's even sweeter coming from Blake.

My JM is that I feel better today. I've had Strep throat-seriously an awful disease-and I finally am feeling somewhat better today.

Cheryl said...

Amy--Yeah, I love it. And I'm so sorry you were sick! Moms shouldn't be allowed to get strep!