Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 981: It's My Party

And I will cry if I want to.

I didn't, though.

Backing up.  I made it back to spin class this morning.  First time since Darling A.  I was able to push it a lot harder than I expected and that was a Joyful Moment.  This could be because Darling A finally slept for more than two hours at a stretch last night.  And I distinctly felt this morning that it was a result of many of your prayers on my behalf.  And that knowledge brought me a Joyful Moment.  Thanks for caring enough to pray for me.

This afternoon things kind of disintegrated.  Sometimes serious miscommunication can happen when conversing via instant messaging.  This happened today and I wound up all upset and hurt with HH over something that apparently didn't really happen.  A good reason to stick with face to face communication.

Anyway, it put me in a pretty sour mood.

Plus, the big pool party bash that HH planned for me for tomorrow to celebrate my turning 30 had to be cancelled.

We're in a major drought.  No rain for two months.  And tomorrow it's supposed to pour down.

We really need it, so I can't be too upset.

But, I need things to look forward to and having one of those things taken away made me kind of down.  Plus, HH was dodging all of my efforts to plan something else fun.  I was so mad!

So, the kids and I went to a baptism for one of my friend's daughters.  This should have been a Joyful Moment for me, but I let my bad attitude persist instead.  My friends all offered their condolences about my cancelled party.  I tried to be remotely cheerful, but failed miserably, so I took my bad attitude and my bummed out kids (what?! Only one cupcake before dinner?!  No fair!) home as soon as it was over.

HH and I sorted things out, but I was still kind of sad.  So, finally HH cracked a little and hinted that there was a reason he was avoiding scheduling something else fun for tomorrow night.  This was sort of a Joyful Moment.  But I also felt bad for unintentionally sort of ruining some surprise.

And I'm ashamed that I'm such a Birthday Diva.  I'm trying not to be, but I haven't succeeded yet.

Wishing you all Diva-worthy Joyful Moments!


Linda said...

Talk about a roller coaster for your emotions! What a day! It sounds like it ended with an up; I hope so. Happy to hear you got some sleep also.

I didn't really experience a huge JM, just a day of taking it easy, pacing myself to let my foot heal. I'm optimistic and that feels joyful.

Cheryl said...

I'm anxious to hear the latest news when you get it!