Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 984: Barefoot Cheryl

If you want to understand my title, watch this.  I think it's pretty funny.  Mainly because it seems to be making fun of the guy, but I (sadly) relate to him quite a bit and have found myself saying a lot of the same things he says.

And you really should read Born To Run.

Moving on, this morning I ran a little over 7 miles.  That is the furthest I've run since getting my Vibram Five Fingers almost two years ago.  I think I finally can say I've mastered the art of barefoot running.  This makes me happy.  Joyful Moment.

Then I visited with a friend and learned that she will be coming to church with me on Sunday for Darling A's baby blessing.  I'm so touched that she is willing to come even though she is not a member of our faith.  That was a Joyful Moment, too.  Such a great one that I had to call HH on my way home to tell him.

The rest of the day went well.  Darling A has been so sweet and smiley.  She even did a little half giggle!  And when she gets tired of smiling and cooing at me, she gets all sweet and snuggly and goes to sleep.  I love her.  So many Joyful Moments from her all day!

Wishing you all barefoot Joyful Moments!


Meg said...

How convenient that you already had TWO blogs- you're definitely a legit barefoot runner.

My JM wasfinding out that my dear friend came out of 5 hours of brain surgery in stable condition. Good news!

Linda said...

I'm guessing that your explanations of BFR have a bit more enthusiasm... :) I was talking to a friend about how challenging it imust be to master that technique. CONGRATULATIONS!

My JM came while preparing and sharing a lesson about the power of faith for FHE. It's a lesson I'll teach next Sunday. I've been remembering some of the seemingly impossible things that I've seen happen because of our faith, and I'm feeling very grateful for this gift from Heavenly Father.

Cheryl said...

Meg--I actually have 3 blogs and one really is dedicated to my training--how sad is that? (c:

Brain surgery sounds freaky. I hope she's recovering well!

Mom--Yes. I am definitely more "animated" than the guy in the video. Wish I could come hear your lesson!