Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 971: What A Day!

Well, today started with having to answer to the alarm clock for once.  And for the next long while.  School started up again.

And it was Little M's first day of Kindergarten.

These two were sweet enough to jump out and greet me with a "Happy Birthday, Mom!" just before breakfast.  And then, proceeded to eat super slowly.  So, we barely made it to school on time.  This may have been a blessing.  I think Little M and I would have both broken down in tears if we'd had more time to think about it when we said 'good bye'.

Sweet P was an old pro.  It was a Joyful Moment to send her off in her excited independence.

Then, there was a Joyful Moment when a spot opened up for Darling A in the infant area of the child care center at my gym just in time for me to make it to yoga.  15 minutes late, but since I'd forgotten to reserve a spot in advance, I was super happy to luck out in this way.  I was so looking forward to going to yoga this morning and super sad when it looked like it wouldn't happen initially.

Same thing happened after yoga, making it possible for me to even sneak in a shower.  I'm sure all moms can relate to the Joyful Moment of getting a shower without any little faces and hands peaking in to see when you'll be out and ready to play "choo choos" with them again.

So many Joyful Moments when Sweet P and Little M came home and told me all about their days.  Little M seems to have some mixed emotions about school, but I'm really not surprised.  He's always been a bit of a Mama's Boy and it was hard to be separated for the whole day.  But he did have plenty of fun moments and even made two friends!

Sweet P loved it and I can tell she's quite proud to be so knowledgeable having already been through two years of school.  She loves to be in that position and is great at helping Little M out.

Another great Joyful Moment at the kids' violin lessons tonight.  I finally got to see their instructor, my super good friend, for the first time since she had her baby.  Still haven't seen the baby, but it was SO great to see her beautiful face again.  Just not anywhere near enough time to talk.

As we got in the car to head to violin, HH surprised me with a CD.  He made it for me.  It has a song from the Top 10 for each year since the year I was born.  That would be 30, if you don't know me.  He even interjected a few with his own recorded intros of each decade.  It is so so so super sweet.  I'm only a little over halfway through and I'm LOVING it!  I can't imagine how much time he put into it, especially since he's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like this.  It's just such a cool and totally unique gift.  Definitely one of the best ever!

Here I am with my other two gifts.  After a yummy cake that was a Joyful Moment to eat.  Sweet P put up a big fuss over the past few days to make sure she had a part in buying a gift for me.  She also made me a cute little art project at school.  The gift they all got for me were a couple of running shirts with the reflective stuff on them.  I have to have one for a relay race I'm running in October.  And it's always super exciting to me to get new workout gear anyway.

So, a great evening full of love from my family and Joyful Moments.

Darling A made her own effort to make it a great birthday today, as well.  She's been such a smiley girl today.  I'm loving it!  And during violin she even gave me a huge smile and goo-ed and gurgled at me.  SO CUTE!  More Joyful Moments than I can handle, really.

Well, almost.  Right now she's a snuggled up to me in the Moby Wrap.  I love the feel of her soft little head against my cheek.  She.  Is.  The.  Best.

But, so is the rest of my family.  I feel so blessed today.  None of my typical birthday issues cropped up at all.  It was a great day.  I felt special and loved all day with phone calls, emails, and little facebook notes.  Thank you to everyone for all of that!

And a huge thank you to my HH for making it a great birthday thus far.  I know there is more to come and I think you're super sweet to indulge the Birthday Diva in me.

Wishing you all diva Joyful Moments of your own!


Amy said...

I'm so glad you had such a great birthday! HH is so awesome for doing that for you!

My JM was getting my kids backpacks ready with all the necessary school supplies. School doesn't start for 3 more weeks here, but the fact that we didn't have all the school supplies had been really weighing on my mind.

Cheryl said...

Yes, he's awesome.

And way to go! I know that feeling. There are certain things I just need to be prepared for way in advance.