Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 615: Dead Battery

My camera battery died during some great Joyful Moments today.  I almost cried.

Anyway, the remainder of the camping excursion went well.  I think we got more sleep than our last campout--but that's not saying much.

Later in the afternoon we drove out to an orchard for apples and pumpkins.

While it was somewhat repulsive to watch Baby B pick up the nasty apples on the ground and do this, it also made for some really cute photos.

The kids were really proud to be able to pick their own apples.

It's so hard getting a non-goofy smile from this one these days.  But you can see her cute gaps where two teeth are missing.

And then the camera died.  So, no pics of the kids picking out their own pumpkins, or of Baby B throwing handful after handful of dirt into his hair.

He got three baths yesterday.  Joyful Moments for him every time.

So, even though I was crushed about the lack of pictures, the whole thing was a wonderful Joyful Moment and fabulous family time.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and full camera batteries!


Linda said...

Your family does such fun things together!

My joyful moment was probably picking cucumbers, peas, radishes, spring mix greens, and tomatoes from our garden. It's getting cooler so these are treasures.

Cheryl said...

WAY TO GO! Sound like your garden turned out great!