Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 618: Happy Kids

Tonight was "Bring A Buddy Night" at the kids' TaeKwonDo.  We invited two of Sweet P's friends, and to my surprise, they both came.

And the four of them (including Little M) had THE MOST fun.

Sitting there and watching them was my Joyful Moment.

The times that I was able to sit and watch them, that is.  In between chasing down Baby B who kept trying to tear down the promotional poster, close the door, move the chairs around, all the while leaving a lovely trail of cheerios and Happy Baby snacks all along the way.

Good times were had by all.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments in between those somewhat frustrating and tiresome moments!


Linda said...

After watching Wyatt for 5 days, I can relate much better to chasing after a toddler. And you do it 365 days a year!

My joy was having your cousin, Lisa, and her 2 cuties over to play with Wyatt and me. Good times were had by all...

Cheryl said...

Not to mention the five toddlers of your own that you chased for many years... (c: