Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 625: Early Morning Schnuggles

This morning as I started to get out of bed, HH pulled me back in and insisted on some cuddling before hopping up to greet the day.  This was not an uncommon occurance in years gone by, but now that we have older children and he has a job that requires him to arrive much earlier than 9 or 10 AM, not so much.

Thus, I obliged.

And it was so peaceful and dreamy and wonderful.  Just a really fantastic way to start the day, feeling very loved and in love with the one I love.  It was so peaceful and cozy, I nearly fell back asleep.

A true Joyful Moment.

So, then I had to jolt myself awake and hop out of bed before we both fell back asleep and got into trouble with school and work.

Not the most joyful of moments, but fortunately, the good mood prevailed.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that don't have to be cut short by boring things like school and work!

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Linda said...


My JM was taking the Activity Day girls to 2 operas at BYU and having a very very joyful evening rediscovering the joy of the arts with them.