Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 627: Wake Up Laughing

I never really thought about doing that until Martina McBride sang a song about it.  And then I thought to myself, that sounds fun.  But it's not exactly something you can force.

This morning, however, it happened all on its own!  A little earlier than I would have liked, but who am I to control comedic timing in my dreams?

This might sound bad, but in my dream my mom slid down a muddy hill, somehow dug her feet in at the bottom (a pond), thus launching herself face first out across the pond before landing--still face first.

And I was laughing so hard in my dream that I woke up from the effort of trying to laugh for real.

Sorry, Mom.

In my defense, it was really funny in my dream and my mama was laughing, too.

So, even though it was a good half hour before I needed to wake up, it was still just a very pleasant way to wake up.  Joyful Moment.

And then I volunteered in Sweet P's classroom again.  I'm pretty sure that will be a Joyful Moment for me every week.  The kids in her class are just so darn sweet!  I received hugs, waves, and a bunch of happy "Hi, Sweet P's Mom!"  So cute.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and the experience of waking up laughing--just hopefully, not at your mama's expense!


Meg said...

oh my gosh that's hilarious. probably that would be my joyful moment except that I also got to hang out with Amy and Lisa and Mom at Gardner Village. And then I went to a super fun baby shower for my friend who found out she was getting a baby (adopting) like two weeks ago and the baby's due in 3 weeks! And then I went out for frozen yogurt with some friends for a birthday celebration! So yeah... I had a great day. But reading your JM was icing on the cake!

Linda said...

Hey, I'm happy to make you laugh any time! Especially if I didn't even have to do anything. So glad I was laughing along with you. Maybe your dream will come true if I try to do the Dirty Dash next year. Maybe it's an omen I ought to think about. :)

This was a joyful day - meeting with the girls as Meg mentioned (and Russell, Wyatt, and Daniel) and having your Dad join us for a few minutes on his way to the airport. Then spending the evening with your big sis and her 1 year old.

Cheryl said...

Meg--Little bit jealous! But glad you had such a great day.

Mom, it was great. And you should TOTALLY do the Dirty Dash!