Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 1084: On My Way

That was the gist of the podiatrist's message to me this morning.  One more week in the boot.

I was talking to my mom late last week and telling her that I was really worried I would fall apart if he told me I had to keep wearing it at this appointment.

Then last night, I realized that I would probably voluntarily keep wearing the boot, just based on how my foot was feeling.

So, getting the news this morning was not such a big deal.  The end is right around the corner.  I want to make sure this heals all the way.  Six more weeks until I can run.  That's a little bit sad, but I'm trying not to focus on that.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself today.

After my doctor's appointment, I offered to make a phone call to help HH out.  He needed to know if his one and only current scout would be at their meeting tonight.  The boy's mom is my friends, so that's why I offered to make the call.  That's when I found out that they'd gotten back in town the night before and the whole family was sick, including her.

I offered to make her dinner, but not very eagerly at first, so she declined.  I was concerned because in the past, I would stress so much over making the dinner absolutely perfect that I would be completely exhausted emotionally by the time I finished.  Plus, I had a hair appointment at 5, and wasn't sure how to make that work.  But, she sounded so sick and she's helped me out a few times and then I reminded myself that I don't have to stress so much, so I offered again.  Only, it wasn't so much of an offer this time as it was me just telling her I was going to bring her dinner.  And that it wouldn't be a big deal since I was making soup for my own family already that night.

She sounded so relieved.  I felt instantly better about my decision.

So, I spent the day making soup and bread, baking a couple more pans of cinnamon rolls for a couple other families I needed to take them to, and holding a somewhat needy and sleepless Darling A.

Then the kids came in from sledding with the neighbor girls to ask if they could all go over to the neighbors for a snack.  I asked if that was okay with their mom and when they responded with, "Well, I'm sure she won't mind", I suggested that they all come in and have a snack here instead.  The last time they all sledded together, they spent half the day at the neighbors, so I wanted to reciprocate.

This is another thing that normally would have ruined my day.  It meant that I took time out from cooking and cleaning to make them a fun snack and to visit a bit and then to referee when they took the playing downstairs and had a few fights and tipped the couch over.

Today it was okay.  And it gave me the opportunity to catch up with their mom for a while when she came over to check on them.  I really like her.  And I got to invite her to Sweet P's baptism.  It's a big deal and I want her to have all of the love and support she can get.  And it sounds like they're coming, so that was great news!

Then HH arrived home and the madness began.  Actually, it was pretty relaxing at first as I got my hair cut--love it!  Then I got to take the dinner to my friend, drop by the library, drop cinnamon rolls off at another friend's, do a return at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, pick up a craft for Sweet P's party on Saturday at Michael's, swing by Target for a couple necessities, and drop one more pan of cinnamon rolls off at a neighbor's.  Whew!  It was a busy night.  And I was naughty and went out without my boot.  I was regretting that before long.

But, I survived.  It was fun seeing the smiles on all the faces where food was left.  And I really appreciated HH taking care of the kids for three hours so I could get it all done.

Now, I'm tired.

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