Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 1100: Better

I'm getting there.

After yesterday's post I determined to *try* to stop complaining.  That definitely helped.  And a trip out into the world for violin lessons with the older two kids.  They had a good lesson and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that their instructor is a friend of mine and she just has a happy effect on me.  And then some time just chillin' with HH.  He also has a happy affect on me.

Today went a little better.  I'm starting to get a glimpse of gaining my health back.  I got in a foot-pain-free workout this morning--HUGE deal.  I got to do  a favor for my super generous neighbor for the second day in a row.  And there were just a ton of sweet little moments with Darling A.  I can honestly say I don't have a favorite child, but there is some connection with this sweet little baby, too tender and precious to put into words.  Every day I am aware of the gift and blessing she is in my life.  I adore her more and more every day.  Lately, she's been super giggly and it's so much fun.

And there you have it.  I think I'm just about back to good.

If only I had a brownie... (:


Amy said...

I'll make brownies! I'll make you chicken soup! (Yes, I'm bribing you...I have no shame... :) ) I'm glad you're feeling a little bit better. I can't believe you've been sick this long. Mom's shouldn't get sick. Sending love to you!

Linda said...

I've always thought there ought to be a law that moms can NOT get sick - And I'm not above bribing either. :)

Cheryl said...

Amy and Mom--I agree. Thanks. I think I need a few more hours of sleep before I can be trusted to drive across the country for a brownie. Thanks, though!

Linda said...

You can always fly... :) I'll pick you up!