Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 1092: Zombie

That's about what I feel like.

Last night my fever went up to at least 104.5.  It was a crazy night.  The past few nights have all been a little crazy with kids up crying and screaming with night terrors and whatnot.  But last night takes the cake.

Shortly after I went to bed, I heard Baby B screaming and HH running the bathwater.  I was confused and concerned, but it took several minutes to gather the muster to get my extremely ill self out of bed.  And then I discovered that Baby B had some "diapering issues", to put it nicely.  So bad that HH was getting out the steam vac to thoroughly cleanse the carpet (he had gotten out of bed beforehand, so the mess was all over the carpet instead).

I bathed Baby B, all the while feeling that in some bizarre way this was a blessing in disguise.  I had been laying in bed praying that my fever wouldn't go any higher, forcing us to go to the hospital.  I felt very strongly that the only way that would happen was if I got out from under my down-alternative comforter.  But, you know how you feel so freezing cold when you have a fever?  I just couldn't make myself do it.

Fortunately, love for my sad Baby B eventually got me out from under my covers and I knew that staying out for a while while bathing him was probably big save for me and my temperature.

Eventually, HH got everything else cleaned up (he is so amazing) and we got Baby B back in bed and I returned to bed.  When HH came in, I was pretty hot again, so he forced me out of the covers and placed a cold, wet cloth all over me repeatedly until I was much cooler.  I knew I needed it, but it hurt and he apologized over and over.  He's such a good man.  Who knows what would have happened if he hadn't taken such good care of me last night?

Anyway, so today has been pretty rough.  I tried to make some more progress on re-upholstering the chairs, while my mom worked on a quilt she's making for Sweet P.  I thought it was an easy, low-effort activity, but I felt intensely worse by the time I was done.

We headed to the airport to pick up my dad.  Poor Dad.  What a great visit to make, right?

He and my mom and HH finished the chairs tonight, though.  And HH steam vacc-ed a lot more of the house.  And that was all very nice.

Unfortunately, I started feeling pretty discouraged.  I just didn't see how I could make it to Sweet P's baptism tomorrow feeling this way.  I asked HH and my dad to give me a Priesthood blessing, promising myself that I would have the faith to be content whether I felt better physically, or not.  Shortly after, while reading my scriptures, I had a personal spiritual experience, but the outcome was that I felt immensely better in a very short time.  Still sick, but I knew I'd be able to do all I need to tomorrow and enjoy Sweet P's baptism, as well.  It was definitely a miracle and one I'm so very grateful for!

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