Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 1102: Sea Food Differently

HH and I went on a date tonight.  We tried to find something cool to do, but unfortunately, here in podunk town, there was nothing.  Fortunately for us, we're pretty cool all by ourselves.

So, we went to Red Lobster (we had a gift card and HH has been craving some shrimp) and then went shopping.  Dinner was yummy and a lot of fun.  I love talking to HH.  And I got some new boots when we went shopping(squeal!!!).  My old black boots got cracks last year, or maybe the year before.  I've been wanting some new ones, but better quality, so I was waiting for the reason to justify it.

Did I mention that HH set up an awesome incentive program to help us achieve our big goals this year?  He did.  My big goal is to go to bed on time (10:00 PM).  I haven't quite yet earned my boots, but I'm close, so when I actually found a pair that I loved and were comfy to boot (pun intended), I decided to snatch them up.

Date night was a total success--just the pick me up I was really needing.  HH is pretty amazing at that.

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Linda said...

So, post a photo of you in your cute boots :)