Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 67: Happy Easter!

I love Easter. It's all about family, sweets, and most of all, our Savior Jesus Christ. And it comes at a lovely time of the year--Spring. This is, of course, to represent rebirth and the Resurrection of the Savior. And it just makes the holiday that much more joyful for me. The world is looking ready to beautiful and warm.

And I'm really struggling to express myself tonight. I hope you caught the gist of what I'm feeling from that paragraph, but I do apologize for its awkwardness.

Anyway, today was full of Joyful Moments for me. In a nutshell:

Watching the kids do their Easter egg hunt.

Seeing how cute they look in their new Easter clothes.

Sunday breakfast all together without any rushing off to meetings. Because it is General Conference (see yesterday's post), we listen to the words of our leaders from home, via the Internet. Of course I love going to church, but once in a while, it's nice to just stay home.

Listening to more wonderful guidance and counsel from our church leaders.

Taking a much needed nap.

Spending the whole day together as a family.

Wishing you all abundant Joyful Moments!

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Melanie said...

I am grateful for all those same things today...but besides all the loveliness of today being Easter my Joyful moment came this morning..Early. I got up to do my Scriputure Study. Joshua got up and followed me into the living room. Normally, I would feel a sense of dissappointment knowing that I was not going to have my alone time to ponder and feel renewed through study. But today, I felt I had a great opportunity afforded to me and Joshua. I put down my scriptures and walked over and grabbed the Gosple Art Kit off our book shelf. I then turned to the pages of the life of Jesus Christ. Joshua was very interested in each page as I gave a short discription of each picture. I was able to bare my testimony to my 3 year old of the reality of the Savior and the true meaning of this Easter Season. He also saw the picture of Daniel and the Lion's Den and I told him that story. Later, as he heard the Choir at conference singing "I know that my Redemer Lives" he turned to me and asked, "Is that the song that Daniel sang in the Lion's Den." My Joy today is the Joy of a son beginning in his journey of Faith and starting to understand in whom he may turn to trust.