Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 78: Fore!

There's a cute little miniature golf course not far from where we live. Every time we drive passed it (almost daily), I say, "We should go there!"

Earlier in the week, it occurred to me that I'm not going to want to take a little baby or push a stroller around a mini golf. So, we needed to go right away. And we went tonight.

Totally my Joyful Moment.

I somehow thought the kids were old enough to "get" it. HH knew better. But he agreed to let them play along anyway.

Sweet P's method was similar to the technique used in the Olympic sport of curling. And the best part was that she counted the whole time she was scooting her ball toward the hole. So, it wasn't uncommon for her to have a score of over 20 by the time she got it in. Even though she never actually took a swing.

Little M was much more efficient. He would just take his ball and place it right next to the hole and then take a swing. The amazing thing was, sometimes he still managed to miss the hole. But every time he did get the ball in he would cheer and yell so excitedly.

I was so ornery today. It was really bad. I was set to cancel the whole outing. I'm so grateful that HH insisted we go. It turned my whole mood around. I laughed a lot. And it was so fun just being together as a family. Who knows how many opportunities we'll have to do this just the four of us before BB comes and turns everything upside down?

We are excited for that... but I'm really glad we had tonight--just the way it was.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments found in enjoying what you have right now!

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