Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 87: Obsessed

Right after his first bath

Well, he's sleeping right now, so I'd better make this quick and go do the same. I'm so tired!

I've been thinking about this all day and I'm still not really sure how to put my thoughts and feelings into words. But I am truly obsessed with this new little addition of ours. I just can't get enough of holding and snuggling and looking at him.

My mom was fairly sick for a while after having me. I always told her that it was just the price to pay for getting a perfect child. Yes, I've always been humble. Anyway, I've been thinking about what a disaster this pregnancy was with all the various complications and such that I experienced as a result of it. Maybe that was the price to pay for this precious little guy. It was all worth it.

With the other two, I enjoyed their newness, but I really couldn't wait for them to grow a bit and become more interactive and responsive. This time I just want time to slow down. I want to solidify every moment in my memory and keep it there forever. Really, I just want to keep him just the way he is for a while--even with the sleep deprivation his current stage causes.

I'm sure it has a lot to do with where I'm at in my life this time around, but I also think there is something about him that just draws people in. Every nurse in the hospital commented (most repeatedly) about how cute he is. I'm sure many of them say that to all the parents, but most of them made a big deal about it to us.

One even passed that along with her report to the nurse taking over at the change of staff. I was on the phone, so I don't think she knew I was listening, but I was kind of paying attention to her rundown of his and my health status and then I heard her say, "And he is cute, cute, CUTE!"

I dropped him off at the nursery for a bit one day so I could take a shower and the nurse in the nursery gave a bit of a protest when I came back to pick him up. Then she made sure I knew that he was welcome to come back any time.

But I kept him for myself.

He's just the sweetest little baby. I love and adore everything about him. Thank goodness the rest of the family does too, or there might be some jealousy. Little M keeps caressing his face and saying, "Oh, he's so cute." So true.

So, it's been more of a Joyful Day than just a Moment.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that take up an entire day!


Melanie said...

He's adorable.

Becky said...

There must be something about third babies that make you want to keep them tiny. Even now that he's decided to get married, a part of me still wants our third "baby" to be a little boy. I've always felt that way, and I haven't had that feeling with any of the others. So, enjoy your newborn. He is cute, cute, cute!!!

Nikki said...

He is super cute! What a joyful thing to share, Cheryl.