Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 77: Warmin' Up

We've suddenly hit a bit of a heat wave. It's been so nice we've actually opened the windows in our room that last couple nights.

More often than not, I spend the last hour or two of the pre-morning hours tossing and turning in bed. Nothing crazy, I'm told that's normal at this point of the pregnancy. So, I've learned to not mind it too much and just to take advantage of whatever rest lying in bed still brings me. At least I'm not at the beck and call of a tiny infant yet. (c:

Anyway, this morning as I was laying there I began hearing the soft tweeting of the birds outside and then I took a deep breath and I smelled the air. I just love how the air smells at that time of the morning when the temperature is like this. Cool, but not cold. I don't know how to describe it but it is so fresh and refreshing.

And I had my Joyful Moment right there as I took in the sounds and smells of Spring. I felt very much at peace about everything. And peace is a feeling I've seriously been lacking lately. So, it was just fabulous and wonderful and very joyful.

Wishing you all harmonious Joyful Moments! (and warmer weather to those of you still experiencing snow!)


Melanie said...

Send it my way...send it my way. My Joyful moment was when my dear friend brought her amazing rainbow vaccume over and made my carpets look brand new. So nice of her...lots of joy for me.

Amandalynn said...

My joyful moment is when Hyrum, who is grudgingly and slowly accepting his new brother, gets protective of him and shows his naturally loving side. Also,as Cooper nears his two week birthday I feel joy just remembering that moment of relief and amazement holding him for the first time. That is so worth it all, all the exhaustion and nausea and emotion. Father in Heaven so knows us and how our struggles increase our capacity to recieve joy!