Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 930: I Was Going To...

I was going to post about today being a surprisingly good day... about pumping 6 oz. this morning (not much for some, but a PR for me)... about forcing a grumpy, obstinate Little M to take his turn to go for a walk with me and Darling A when he wanted to stay and play at the gym with Sweet P and Baby B and then having a great time chatting with him and playing at the park after even though he hadn't believed it possible to have fun with me...about laughing and giggling with Baby B before naps...about having fun watching the kids play Wii together and seeing how cute Baby B was when he got a chance to hold a remote...about the yummy pizza a friend brought by for dinner...about a fun night out with my daughters to get Sweet P's hair cut...about watching our precious little Darling A together as HH and I marveled over her adorableness...etc.

But then, she woke up.  I got her dressed in her jammies, and we came downstairs to do this post.  As I sat down at the computer to feed her while posting, she paused and looked straight into my eyes.  And I could tell she was actually locked onto my eyes and focused.  I smiled and cooed a hello to her.


I am totally serious.  And not at all delusional.  It was beautiful and totally intentional.  I mean, she was looking right into my eyes and did it immediately following my smile at her.

I know it's way early.  But it's true.

And anyone who has had a baby smile at them can confirm what a Joyful Moment it is.

Especially, when it's your child.

Especially, when it's their first smile.

Especially, when you love and adore them so.

My Joyful Moments
Wishing you all Joyful Moments that stop you in your tracks and are positively magical and amazing and awesome!

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