Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 951: Visiting Friends

One of my good friends had a baby four days after me, I'm not sure if I mentioned that, or not.  We've both tried to respect the other's privacy and new found busyness and haven't actually spoken since having our babies.

Today, our schedule finally opened up in the afternoon (meaning, children woke up from naps earlier than usual).  So, I called her up and invited us over to her house.  I'm classy like that.  But, I knew she wouldn't mind and she'd tell me if it would inconvenience her.

Fortunately, she welcomed us.

And hanging out with her was such a fun (if not, long overdue) Joyful Moment.  We had a great afternoon catching up and just hanging out.  Plus, I really needed to get out.  Desperately.  I'm still loving every minute with my Darling A and *most* with Baby B.

One of those fun moments is when I inadvertently bug Darling A while she's eating.  I promise I don't do it intentionally.  Usually, it's something like rubbing her back.  It seems her back is quite ticklish, so this annoys her when she's trying to get a meal in.  But, I forget.  And then she makes the cutest and funniest little noise.  Anyone who's ever been chastised by a nursing newborn probably knows what I'm talking about.  It's fun.

Wishing you all fun Joyful Moments in getting chastised by someone absolutely adorable!


Amy said...

Glad you have such good friends around you.
My JM is realizing that we're over half-way through this week without Scott and we're having a great time. Not that we don't miss him. A lot. But it's nice to be blessed with a great week with kids getting along ok-when he is gone.

Cheryl said...

Amy--Me too! And I'm so glad you had a good time even without a daddy around! And, really glad he's home. (c: