Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 931: Jumpin' For Freedom

We seriously had so many priceless photo ops today.  I wish I could share them all with you.

It was a great Fourth of July.

My first Joyful Moment was deciding (very very last minute--the family was loaded in the car and I was still in my p.j.'s) to go to the church-sponsored breakfast at the park.

As with my last social outing, I had a panic attack before forcing myself to get out of the car.  But, then I put on my forced smile and ended up having a good time re-connecting with so many friends.  And, of course, introducing Darling A to the world.

Later in the morning, I had more Joyful Moments watching the kids play on the slip n' slide.

We enjoyed a nice dinner off the grill--brat burgers, hot dogs, and steaks!  HH did the honors this time and it all tasted delicious!

And then the fun began:

And I captured a surprising number of photos with children airborne.  Pretty impressive, really.  We debated going to a big party at a friend's house, but wound up just hanging out at home and enjoying the view from our own driveway.  HH and the kids had picked out some fun fireworks earlier in the day.  The best was one that launched a ton (maybe 30?) of parachutes.  The wind caught them and blew them over to a neighboring field as all of the kids (ours and the neighbors) took off chasing them.  Honestly, that one got a bigger response than any of the other fireworks lit by our neighbors.  You gotta know your audience... which HH excels at.

Even after we ran out, we sat back and enjoyed the larger fireworks going off all over the neighborhood sky.

I've experienced the Fourth in several different states and places.  But I've never been anywhere that goes as nuts over the fireworks as they do here in the Middle of Nowhere.  For days on end.  It's kind of like living in a war zone.

Which brings us to my final Joyful Moment for the day.  I have so much respect and gratitude for all those who have sacrificed to keep this beautiful country free and safe.  HH and I were recently talking about what it might have been like during those earlier wars that all four of our grandpas fought in.  I cannot fathom the courage and steadfastness it took to walk into a wall of fire, but I am so grateful that they possessed it.  And grateful that they all lived to have families of their own, so we can raise our happy family today.

And I am grateful to the God who protected them and continues to protect each of us and our freedoms.

Happy Fourth!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that literally make you jump for joy!

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