Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 950: Show-Off-Your-Daughter-At-Work Day

Today was a day of outings.  The kids and I ran a few errands this morning.  Nothing too eventful and we wrapped things up by heading out to HH's office.  We had Joyful Moments during lunch together, but even more Joyful Moments showing off our chubby little cherub to his co-workers and hearing them coo and fuss over her.

Then I had a bit of a frustrating afternoon of needy children.

Fortunately, we had a bit of an unexpected reprieve during some sibling bonding time.

She's sneezing here, not crying.

Isn't her sweet little outfit adorable?  Recognize it, Meg?  We love it!  It got compliments all day long.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments accompanied by a day full of compliments!


Meg said...

Oh my gosh, she looks SO CUTE! I love that outfit even more with her cute-ness inside it. :)

My JM was talking with the sellers of our house and learning how incredible the ward is that we're moving into. I hope we agree with them!

Amy said...

sooooo beautiful. I love baby sneezes-so cute. And Treyton looks cute too. TWO WEEKS!!

Melanie said...


Cheryl said...

All--I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL!!! And have you meet my precious little sneezer. (c:

Linda said...

and now it's only 1 week!