Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 954: Yoga Is My Friend!

Darling A turned 6 weeks today.  So, she's now welcome at the child care center at the gym.

And HH agreed to come to yoga with me--something he'd once vowed never to do again.  This made me SO happy!  It was so fabulous to be back.  Healing for my back.   And fun to do with my HH.  Joyful Moments for sure!

The rest of the day was pretty chill.  We made a list of things needing to get done and managed to accomplish more than I expected.  Crossing things of my list is always a satisfying Joyful Moment for me, you know.

Laundry was one of the items.  HH was good enough to come get me when he saw this going on.  That is Baby B's lovey sheet.  He's pretty good about letting us wash them, but was apparently giving it just one last snuggle before saying goodbye for the next hour.  A funny Joyful Moment sharing a laugh with my HH.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and a friend in yoga!


Amy said...

Ah, now I understand that picture so much better. SOooo cute. I've never had a child attached to anything like a blanket or binkie. So I've never experience that TRAUMA that it sounds like it is. This is an adorable picture though. Hope your back is getting better!
My JM was spending time with Scott. It seems like we just can't catch up after being apart for a week.

Cheryl said...

Amy--Yeah, I'm still figuring out how to post stuff on facebook. And my back is feeling much better. Thanks! I'm so glad you guys are enjoying time together again so much!

Linda said...

I love that photo at the bottom.

How can 6 weeks have passed already????

My JM was helping your little sis clean in preparation for moving into their first home. It was NOT breaking my foot.