Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 948: Sleepless In The Middle O' Nowhere

Last night was dreadful.  HH and I had to tag-team it all night.  My darling Darling A wouldn't sleep unless someone was holding her.  It was exhausting.

HH was out fishing with some friends at first.  And I'm glad he got to spend some time out having fun. But, it was exhausting trying to put her to bed by myself.  Which was why I was still up when he arrived home shortly after midnight.  Exhausted.

Anyway, the tag-teaming rolled into today.  We missed church.  I was still sleeping and HH was taking care of Baby B, so I could sleep.  It was awfully nice of him.  I did feel bad about missing church, though.

So, there weren't really any profound Joyful Moments.  Just those found in being with my family.  Playing blocks with Baby B (although, he kept telling me to get up, as I was "playing" while laying on the carpet because I was so tired!) and snuggling with my beautiful Darling A.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and plenty of rest lasting longer than 45 minutes at a time!

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