Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 957: Chubby Cherub


I went back to my regular yoga class this morning.  And it was fabulous.  It felt good to be back.  It was good for my back.

And at the end, I finally had a response to my current status that I appreciated.

The truth is, my figure has gone back pretty closely to what it was pre-baby.  I still have extra pounds and some squishiness and extra skin, but I fit most of my regular clothes again.

This hasn't gone without the notice of all those around me.  And elicited responses such as:  "That's disgusting!" and "That's so unfair!" and "I hate you!  I really hate you!", etc.

As most of these have come from my friends, I know they mean well.  It's just that, when that's all I hear, it gets kind of mean and sad.

But, this morning at the end of yoga everyone was welcoming back and then they began discussing my figure.  A girl who doesn't know me very well asked how old Darling A is.  When she looked surprised at my response, I thought she was judging me for bringing my tiny baby to the child care center so young.  But, apparently, she wasn't the only one with that reaction and it wasn't because I brought my small baby, but about how I look.  Our instructor quickly responded by saying, "I know, right?"  And then added, "But she works hard, people.   Really really hard."

And that was a Joyful Moment for me.  I'm not vain about being relatively thin again after having a baby.  And I feel very fortunate for it.  But, I do work hard.  I was running and doing yoga quite intensely right up until the end!  So, it was nice to have someone finally make that connection rather than being jealous.

And then I took this sweet picture while Baby B was on time out with a horrible horrible tantrum.  And that was a fun Joyful Moment in spite of the background of screaming.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments accompanied by happiness and no screams!


Amy said...

I'm glad you're proud of being thin-you HAVE worked hard. Good job.

My JM was have a date with Scott. We stayed at home, and just had it after the kids were in bed, then we played a game and ate really good mexican food. It was sorely needed and a lot of fun.

Cheryl said...

So fun! I'm so happy you got to do that!

Krystyna said...

Very nice blog.

Linda said...

Your Dad & I will also vouch for working really REALLY hard - for NINE MONTHS!!! You inspire us to work harder at being fit.