Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 952: Tulle-ing Around

We ventured out to the movies with some friends today.  It was fun.  Baby B did much better than expected, thanks to a small tub of popcorn lasting him just about the whole movie.

Unfortunately, he was too light to hold his own seat down and we got there too late for a booster seat.  So, I spent the entire movie pressing his seat down with my knee, while holding Darling A in the Moby Wrap, fetching a bottle out of the diaper bag halfway through, feeding said bottle to a now-out-of-the-wrap Darling A, holding Baby B's popcorn while he took a drink, holding his drink while he got resituated with his popcorn, holding both the drink and popcorn (and bottle!) while he had a mini-meltdown, etc.

It.  Was.  Fun.

Actually, it was really good to get out and be with people.  I'm going a little stir crazy without my older two to chat with during the day!  So, the movie was a Joyful Moment, even with all of the crazy maneuvering.

About an hour after we returned home, I realized that my back was getting increasingly painful, until suddenly, I could barely walk and could no longer stand up straight.

I called HH in tears.  As I told him about our morning, he pointed out that the movie situation was probably what pushed my already struggling back over the edge.

He's so smart.

Anyway, so the rest of the day was kind of rough.  I babied it and did some stretches and iced it and it's feeling a bit better now, thankfully.

Unfortunately, that and some other stuff that happened at dinner started me down the path to Depression.  HH had planned on taking Baby B fishing tonight.  Baby B was kind of going crazy because he doesn't cope well with me not being at my A-Game, so I told them to still go so I could get a break.  But, as they left, I got a little panicky that the depression would set in really bad in the quiet lonesome without them.

So, I broke out the tulle and got a craftin'!

This was the finished product.  It's to match one of the dresses HH's mom got for her while she was here.  I'm so excited to see them together!  But, as you can see, my model was sleeping, so I thought better of putting her in the dress too.  Total Joyful Moment in putting this on her.

Anyway, staying busy and producing something so fun and cute was really good and helped me to stay out of the Depression for the most part.


Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are tulle-tally awesome!  (Haha, I know.)

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Linda said...

Good for you!!!!

She looks so so so so much like her big bro! (even with a hair accessory. :)