Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 1110: Get 'Er Done

Bleh.  Today was a productive day, but not the most fun.

We cleaned out the kids' toy room.  Always an enormous undertaking.  We didn't get rid of as much as I'd hoped, but we did find several things the kids have been missing and were pleased to be reunited with.

And then I had a mammoth shopping trip.  The necessity after putting off so much while I wore the boot and then while I was so sick.  Not fun, but it's good to have my stores replenished so I can cook again.

I had a bit of a frustrating experience this morning.  I went to yoga.  I love Saturday yoga, but haven't been in a couple months due to the aforementioned health issues.  It was more than a challenge, to say the least, but I felt so great by the end.  And very happy and at peace, to boot.

Then came time to gather the kids and go home (HH had church basketball, so we were on our own).  First stop was for the younger two.  Baby B was happily building a tower and sweetly said he wanted to finish before we left.  So, I waited patiently while he stacked his blocks together.  But they kept breaking apart and he'd have to start over.  So, I (less patiently) helped out.  They still kept falling apart.  After several minutes I said, "Okay, you're just going to have to build a tower with our blocks at home. These keep breaking and we need to go."

Full.  Blown.  Tantrum.

It was a disaster.

Long story short--I had to drag a screaming Baby B clear across the gym, to the room where the older two were, while also carrying four coats, a diaper bag, a gym bag, and Darling A.  And someone had cranked up the heater and I was SO hot!

And mad.  M.A.D.  Mad mad mad mad mad.

What the heck happened?  I had been so zen just moments before!  How did I lose it so quickly?  I don't know.  But, I'm frustrated with myself.

I slightly recovered a bit when I forced myself to let it go when Baby B did a complete 180 and happily chatted away about the train he could hear whistling--even though I was sorely tempted to just stay mad at him for much much much longer!

Baby Steps, I guess.

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Linda said...

I have 2 things to say:

First, been there, done that.

Second, thankfully you'll have plenty more opportunities to do things the way you wanted to.