Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 1126: Escape

So, I think we all know things have been a little rough lately.  And I haven't handled it as well as I wanted to.  And then things got worse.

And then some things got better.

But, other things just kept on getting worse.

Subject change:  Some of my friends have been planning a little girls' trip to the big city for a few weeks now.  I sort of toyed with the idea of meeting them for the Saturday shopping, but with all that happened this week wasn't really planning on going any more.

And then Friday, mid-morning (second snow day in a row), I decided that I was severely in need of a break.  HH has gotten significantly more independent and capable of helping with the kids in the past couple of days, so he was very much supportive of this plan.  So, I called to see just how big of a problem I would make by deciding to come at the very last minute.  Friends were, of course, very accommodating and acted like it was no big deal.  So, I hurried to pack and tried to get the house in shape for my absence.  And then Darling A and I left.

It was so much fun.  It was just really great to get away from all of the stress and demands going on at my home.  Although, Darling A tried to make up for it by being a tad extra needy.  Fortunately, she is adored by all of my friends and they were more than happy to help out, even though there were two other adorable babies along for the ride as well.

I set her down with them, so I could change into my swimsuit and found these four hovering over her and loving her when I came back.

Aren't these three sweet?

Anyway, it was just nice to escape for a bit and laugh again.  HH did a great job of taking care of the kids, he cleaned the house, and didn't make me feel guilty for abandoning him so soon after his surgery.

I know I'm not "better", but this certainly helped pull me out of a slump.  And right now, I'll take that.

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