Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 1116: Lessons To Repeat

Well, Sundays are back to being stressful days for me.  Did I mention that I now lead the music at church?  This probably wouldn't be as stressful for just about anyone else.  But, I struggle.  And, I guess it's just a problem with my vanity, but deciding what to wear each week has become a really big deal, too.  Without going into it too much, suffice it to say, I was not very nice this morning.

Although, somewhat in my defense (and hopefully, as a way of explanation for my crazy emotions of late), a certain something that has been absent in my life has returned.  Let's just say that one of the added blessings of being a nursing mom has ended.

And I feel that that explains a lot.

But still, I want to take back my Sundays.  And enjoy them again.  And have peace on them again.

The day ended well, at least.  I've been wanting to have our neighbors over for dinner for about a year. We finally did it.  And I think it went really well.  Besides for a whole lot of noise from the kids.  But, it was ours and theirs, so I think they understood.  Except when Sweet P declared she was super bored and after whining about this for an extended time, decided to "fix" her boredom by ignoring her friends and playing chess with Little M.

Ah.  Okay.

Anyway, all in all, a good evening.  I'm so thankful to have nice neighbors!

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