Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 1125: Baby B's Needs

We were supposed to wake up to a crazy snowstorm this morning.  Thankfully, it didn't start until mid-morning.

This was very fortunate for me because it allowed me to run a couple of errands (Target to try and get a few things to help Darling A who is throwing up her antibiotic--apparently, one of the nastiest kinds out there is the one that is most successful at treating pneumonia--and also having super bad diarrhea and diaper rash as a result.  Poor baby can't catch a break!).  I brought Baby B along with me.

Just Baby B.

And that was exactly what he needed.  And has needed for days and days.

He was such a good sweet boy.  And so happy and content to be there with me.  It was really nice.

The snow started while we were still out running some more errands, but we made it home safely.

The rest of the day has been... interesting.  A snow storm, but still with a lot for me to do.

But, in light of yesterday's realization, I took a time out and took advantage of something I can finally do today that I haven't done since Thanksgiving.  I ran.

On the treadmill.  Slow.  And with a lot of intermittent walking (I'm following a program designed for total beginner runners in hopes of not re-injuring myself).  I barely broke a sweat.  Darling A barely lasted through it (thank goodness for Sweet P's help!).  But, I ran.  And my foot didn't hurt at all.

And then I even took a shower after.

The great luxuries of life.

And now, I have a sweet Darling A totally sound asleep on my lap, getting healthier, and reminding me that things are okay.  At least the bare basics are.

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