Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 1124: More Lessons

This wasn't necessarily a new lesson, just something that really became a big deal today.

The way I feel about myself is directly related to the amount of time I get to spend taking care of myself.

And right now, that's not much.

Everyone else has so many other needs.  And it just seems easier to meet theirs because they are whining louder than I am.  It doesn't help that the needs of a few of our family members are seriously greater than normal.

So, I'm tired.  And every time I think I can do something for me, someone else needs me.

I know all of you moms can relate.  It's not new, or just isolated to me.  But, it still stinks.

That being said, today wasn't all bad.  Another good friend switched days for the toddler group with me, so instead of having five toddlers at my house this morning, I got to go grocery shopping.

Okay, not the most fun, but still very necessary since we're supposed to have a big snow storm tomorrow.  And eventually, my awesome friends and family will probably stop providing meals for us and I will need to have food to prepare on my own.

And then tonight, HH and I watched a movie and cuddled (as much as you can cuddle with someone post-shoulder surgery).  Not the smartest thing, given that I am so completely exhausted I'm about to collapse, but still it was really nice to just take a break and snuggle for a bit.

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