Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 1111: Limited Capacity

Thank goodness we don't have an infinite capacity for everything, right?  Take stress, for example.  I definitely have a limit on how much of that I can handle and still function as the person I want to be.

Today I can feel that I am approaching that limit.  I was snappy and irritable.  And not really the person I want to be.

Not the entire day--just whenever stress hit.  Normally, Sundays are not all that stressful.  But, today seemed like it was.

Fortunately, I got the chance to talk to my dad when I called him for a late "Happy Birthday" wish.  I tried to call him before putting the kids to bed, so they could talk to him, too.  He was unavailable at the time, so they didn't get to talk to him, but they left him a super cute message.  And then they were in bed by the time he called back, so I got to have a real conversation with him for once.  It was really really great.

I love my dad.

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