Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 348: It Just Grows Like That

People are constantly asking me if I style his hair like this.  Or if it's static, now that it's fuzzy hat season. Sometimes I tell them that I just stick his finger in an electric outlet every morning, and then I smile and walk away.  Mostly, I tell them the truth.  That it's all natural.  That's the way we grow 'em around here.

By the way, even though it looks like he's mastering "the wink"--he's not.  He's been sick for a couple weeks and now it seems to have traveled to his eyes.  The left eye in particular.  So sad!  But I think "the wink" looks kind of cute, anyway.

This was taken right after a bath today which is important for two reasons:  1.  That is when his hair is at its mostest fluffiest condition, and 2.  That was the only time his eyes were free from green crud.

Every time I bathe him now, I fear that his hair will have grown too long to continue defying gravity.  And then it dries and it does this.  And when I saw it today, I just had to take some pictures and share my Joyful Moment with you today.

And he's laughing in this picture, not crying.  He seems to think the camera is hilarious.  Perfect.  Because I know soon enough it will be impossible to get him to smile at the camera.  And then it will be impossible to get a real smile whether at the camera, or any where else for that matter.  So, I'm just going to freeze this and keep it forever and ever.

I love my baby.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments at their mostest fluffiest condition!

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Linda said...

I am so happy that his stickup hair continues! :) He brings me a lot of joy too. And so do your other cuties!

Today I undecorated from the wedding celebration and found homes for lots and lots of leftover cake and punch. And then I began researching how to decorate our home with our things. And then my HH came home and we had lots of meaningful conversation. So all this was just an all-around joyful day.