Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 365: I DID IT!

And all along, I thought that would be such an awesome thing to post for my Joyful Moment.  But, it turns out today was just a really great day.  Full of Joyful Moments.  So, I am super proud of myself for sticking with this for a year, but I kind of posted all of those thoughts yesterday.

Today's awesome Joyful Moments included:

Talking with a friend I haven't seen in years via Skype.  It was such a Joyful Moment, even if it was short-lived because we both had to go.  But I can't wait to Skype with you again!

Witnessing Sweet P playing her violin songs with a bunch of other students and seeing how amazing and competent she is.

And making excellent progress on a couple projects I have going on right now.

Really, it was a great day.  Just the way I'd want to end my year of Joyful Moments.  And for the last month or so I've been stewing over what to do next.  I came up with several ideas, but surprisingly, the only one that felt right was to keep on keeping on.  My mom shared a link with me a while ago for this site from a guy doing 1,000 Awesome Things.  That inspired me to keep going with this until I reach 1,000 Joyful Moments.  That will be a little less than two more years.  I'm excited to see where that will take me!

Wishing you all 1,000 Joyful Moments!  Thank you for following me and supporting me during the last year!!!


Melanie said...

Congratulations. I've read each post every day...even if I haven't commented. I love you.

Meg said...

I'm SO GLAD you're going to keep it up- it's definitely one of the good points of my day. I was getting sad when I realized last week that you were almost done. Now I'm HAPPY! And Joyful! (Inspite of spending the whole day in bed with the flu...) And I love you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're going to continue. It's amazing how focusing on the good things can brighten up a life. I think Norm was a pretty good example of that!

It may be a bit off the wall, but I wonder if Abiding Joy didn't contribute to Baby B's upbeat personality? You thing that's possible?

(Looks like I have to sign in as anonymous again, blogspot has again decided not to like my sign in...)

Linda said...

Can it really be a year since you began this journey?! WOW! DOUBLE WOW!!! And thanks for taking me and a lot of others with you. We have found more joy in the journey because of your blog. (Not to put on any pressure....) and I'm delighted to hear that you're going to keep it goin. :)

Today my sweetheart spent his whole day helping me decorate our home - hanging things, helping make decisions, and even coming up with ideas. The process was fun and the results are quite joyful. We've only just begun, but it's a great beginning. We took a break in the middle of the day to walk in the Canyon for a couple of hours - It was GORGEOUS! More JOY - triple WOW!!!