Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 361: The Joyful Moment I Really Want

Is all the kids in bed asleep.  Alas, Baby B is fighting it.  He's tired and sick.  And tired.  But he is just refusing to give in.  Could be because he can't breathe.  Or because of the little toothie I can see just beneath the surface of his gums.  Or because he loves me and can't bear to be separated for an entire night.

Whatever the case, I really wish he would just give in and sleep.  That would be a joyful Joyful Moment for this mama.

But he just let loose with bloody murder screaming, so I'll post quickly.

Today's Joyful Moment was making delicious cauliflower soup and yummy bread for dinner.  Super yummy and super healthy.

Wishing you all yummy, healthy Joyful Moments where everyone who should be sleeping is sleeping!


Meg said...

so sorry! that's awful. I hope you're starting to feel better at least! Can I have some of that cauliflower soup? it sounds delicious! my joyful moment was driving in the car with my HH and baby B. HH made a silly noise (trying to sound like a firework... we won't get into WHY he was doing that in the first place...) and it really cracked up little baby! So HH made the noise again and again and again and baby B sounded like he was going to explode from laughing so much! It was awesome. :)

Linda said...

Isn't it joyful that most nights Baby B goes to bed without a problem? And that he's so ADORABLE!

I stayed home today because I'm petrified to drive in the snow. I spent the entire day without seeing another human being since my HH is out of town on business. So my joys are: 1. being safe and warm in our home and 2. being surrounded by wonderful family and friends and knowing I'm never alone...