Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 356: Come Home Soon

Or early.  That was the case of today.  HH arrived home about an hour earlier than usual.  What a difference an hour makes!

Usually, I feel kind of rushed all evening long.  Hurry to finish violin practice so I can start dinner.  Hurry to start dinner so we can eat it.  Hurry to finish dinner so we can clean up and get the kids in bed.  Hurry with all the bed time prep so the kids get enough rest.  Hurry hurry hurry until it's time for me to be in bed.  And then I wonder why I have a hard time falling asleep, even though I'm exhausted.

But today was different.  It helped that Sweet P put up no fuss for violin practice and just zipped through it.  Then we finished watching "Enchanted", which we started during last week's snow days.  HH came home in the middle of that and sat and snuggled with me on the couch for the remainder.  Then we headed upstairs to work on a puzzle we started last night while dinner simmered on the stove.  Dinner wasn't exactly relaxed, but it never is with Little M.  He's just all over the place.  But after dinner we did some more puzzling, then the kids and HH wrestled while I cleaned a bit and Baby B looked on with an earnest desire to participate.  But being able to go from laying down to sitting up is a prerequisite to the wrestling.  Then I joined in with the wrestling a bit to help the kids defeat Daddy (I know his weak spots--mainly, very very ticklish feet).  Then HH got the kids ready for bed while I did some more clean up and read them a couple stories.

And in between of all that, HH and I got to play with Baby B for a bit, too.  Just the three of us.  I don't mean to brag, but he is seriously one of the most adorable babies EVER!

It was all very relaxed and fun.  And somewhere in the middle I realized that I wasn't the least bit grumpy, like I frequently am by that time of day.  And so, while it was all pretty joyful, that was really my Joyful Moment.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments of spending a luscious extra hour with the one you love the most!


Linda said...

This is the day I became a mom - 35 years ago - can that really REALLY be true? And that means my baby boy, my once-upon-a-time Baby B is 35 years old - can that really REALLY be true? I spent a lot of my day thinking about him, and the wonderful husband, father, and gentleman he is, and how grateful I am for him. I tried to tell him, and I hope he knows.

Being a wife and a mom have brought me so much JOY through the past almost 36 years. I'm so grateful to know that families are what it's all about. That's where we practice the important skills - communicating, sharing, working through things, working on things, becoming better a bit at a time, and more. I know that families can be eternal and that eternal joy with our families is not only possible, but highly motivating.

It has been a day of feeling joy for my HH and for all my sweet Baby B's who grew up to be the wonderful people they are with families of their own. love you!

Meg said...

My joy came from watching the musical "Peter Pan" and learning a lot more from the story than I ever expected was possible. Usually I'm on Peter's side and don't want to grow up. But this time I realized all the good that comes with growing up. So I guess my joyful moment was noticing that I'm glad I'm (sort of) grown up! :)