Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 359: Let Me Esplain

First, antiperspirant combined with sweat is what causes unsightly armpit stains on shirts.  Gross.  I sweat a lot, but I'm not overly smelly, so a simple deodorant is plenty sufficient.  And no more ruined shirts.  Bliss.

(Wasn't that a pleasant first paragraph?!)

Second, CVS is a pharmacy store much like Rite Aid or Walgreens.  They have their own little rewards program where the purchase of certain items yields "Extra Rewards Bucks", a printed coupon that's like store credit.  But they expire and the sales aren't always better than prices at the grocery store.  So, I'd find myself going in to buy something, anything, just because my EBs were about to expire and the sales would be on very specific items and I would invariably pick up the one flavor that wasn't included in the sale, or whatever.  And it was always stressful and frustrating.  Until last night.  And it was one extra errand because they don't carry a full line of groceries, and were usually more expensive.  Buh Bye, CVS.

On to today.  Today's Big Adventure was skipping church to go to the Urgent Care clinic.  Unfortunately busy on Sundays, FYI.  I've really had little interaction with these types of facilities, so this was news to me.  Fortunately, one of my awesome friends took Sweet P and Little M to church, so we only had Baby B to entertain while we waited for AN HOUR!  Turns out they don't serve you on a first come, first serve basis.  We didn't know that, so we went for the "fill-your-form-out-as-quickly-as-possible-to-beat-everyone-else" technique.  Turns out the "take-enough-time-to-list-your-most-serious-symptoms" technique would have been a better idea.

But, eventually, it was my turn and we learned that I am the proud host of not one, but two infections.  One of which has been plaguing me for weeks, the other is more recent, but more serious.  Which is why it warranted skipping church.  And why I conceded to taking an antibiotic.  I'm not happy about it, but it is a necessary evil.

Where was the Joyful Moment amidst all of this?  I kept my "Joyful Moment Eyes" peeled all day, knowing it might be a bit more challenging to come up with given my current state of pain and unwellness. But there were a few.  One was drinking the positively delightful smoothie my HH made to accompany dinner (and drinking it from our brand new drinking glasses--the first we've ever owned!  At least, since the set we were given at a wedding shower were STOLEN).  He made fun of me for licking the inside of the glass when it was gone, but I really wanted another glassful.  It was so delicious!

And then there was my darling Baby B.  He was Mr. Chatty and Mr. Giggles today.  Especially whenever it was time to nurse.  It was like he knew that I was dreading these moments (because I felt so rotten, I just lacked the energy to nurse today).  He would just look up at me and babble away and giggle.  And babble.  And giggle.  And giggle.  And giggle.  And babble.  And giggle.  And, you get the idea.

Thank goodness for boys that take such great care of me!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that find you wishing for another glassful!


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Thanks for esplaing it to me. I'll be praying for your quick recovery.

We had our own fun time at the (not so) quick care this weekend with kiddo #1 who we thought might have broken her arm. No break...but after being trapped in a small room with five kids for over two hours I was about ready to break mine just for the entertainment value...I know how you felt today...believe me.

Love you!

Linda said...

Hearing your voice on the other end of my phone always makes me feel joy, but I was sad to hear you're feeling rotten. Dad sends his sympathy and empathy too.Wish I were there to help pass the time until you feel better.

My joy is the 3+ hours spent with Gus via skype. So fun to connect again, not to mention be tutored on macs. :) She was her usual awesome self.

Hope you're feeling better already. love you

Miss A said...

Cheryl I feel the same way about CVS. We don't have a ton here in AR but they are all over where our home is in LA and after a few disappointing trips there I've learned to always drive the extra distance to Walgreens!

Miss A said...

Oh and I have a great tip for your deoderant issue...I'll email it to you!