Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 355: Little Gourmand

Today's Joyful Moment came from watching Baby B eat.  He's gotten fairly adept at picking things up in his tiny little pincer grasp; he's still working on getting from there to the inside of his mouth.  And then keeping it there.  It's amazing how many times he'll get something inside, only to have it stay stuck to his chubby little fist when he pulls it back out.
Today he somehow got half of a smashed pea stuck on the backside of his thumb.  It was so cute watching him stare at it intently, trying to sort out the problem of getting it to his waiting mouth.  And then all of the ensuing attempts were equally cute and entertaining.  All the while his face kind of squhnched in focus and determination.

And then there was tonight, when he fell asleep in my arms and lay there, dreaming that he was still eating.  So cute to watch those little lips sucking away at absolutely nothing.

Really, watching a sleeping baby is a Joyful Moment no matter what.  It's just so sweet and precious.  As is my Baby B.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments as delicious as half of a smushed pea!

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Linda said...

You should write a book about all the joyful and peaceful moments you've spent with Baby B. Just compile your blog notes and you've got a bestseller.

I found out this morning that a piano was to be delivered to my house tomorrow morning. It would be stored at our home until your bro and his family return. And then an idea came... Why not see if the piano could be stored at your little sis's home? Instead of 2 pianos in a home where they would hardly be played, one would be appreciated and keep your sister's fingers busy and happy. Luckily, everyone involved was awake and accessible and agreeable, including the movers. Isn't it sweet (and joyful) when things happen the way they were meant to and somehow you just get to be a part of making it happen?! This tender mercy is bringing me a lot of joy.