Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 430: WHAT is THAT?!

Tonight after dinner (a scrumptious meal of grilled pork steaks with a peachy sauce that seriously looked professional, if I do say so myself), we headed out to do a little yard work.  Mainly, for HH to till up the dirt in the garden.

Sweet P and Little M busied themselves with locating as many worms as possible, while Baby B and I headed over to the rocks to begin the annual summer battle with the weeds.  I set BB in the grass beside me while I worked.  This was his first encounter with grass and it was positively Joyful to watch.  One foot was kind of tucked inside his pants, but the other was fully exposed to the grass.  He kept holding it aloft while staring at the grass in great puzzlement.  I love watching babies discover grass.  SO CUTE!!  Totally my Joyful Moment.  And funny.  I laughed out loud several times.  Which helped him to decide that the grass was okay.

And then he noticed the rocks and the grass became forever forgotten.  Boy + Rocks = Good Times.

He was in the process of patting the rain gutter.  He was pretty pleased about the sound it made.  Especially, when he hit it with a rock.  I love how it looks like he's waving at me, though.  And see how much grass is left in the rocks?  This was after I weeded for about 30 minutes!  Whoever landscaped this house put in the most worthless ground covering ever.  It is no deterrent for anything desiring to grow through it.

This was, of course, inevitable.  I'm pretty sure this sight horrified me when it was Sweet P as a baby.  Now I just took photo after photo.  Yummy rocks!  I seriously took 40 pictures.  The lighting was great and the subject was perfect.  I would happily share them all here, but I've got to go make another effort at finding a baby sitter for Friday night!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that taste better than rocks!


Nikki said...

Cute! I like the little wave too. He's a sweet little guy!

Meg said...

Oh I love it! And yes... I took Wyatt out to the grass last week and spent the whole time saying "eww yucky grass!" while pulling gobs of it out of his mouth. I need to learn from you and just let him have fun!

Also, it looks like your house is floating- neat!

Amy said...

I hadn't even noticed that your house was floating until I read Meg's comment and went back to look at your pics-AWESOME! And Treyton looks older than last week...seriously? is that possible? Very adorable!

Cheryl said...

Glad to know you all find him as adorable as we do. We have our house suspended by 100 balloons, as inspired by "Up".

And he looks older because HH cut his hair. I'm not done crying about it yet.

Linda said...

I think your home is in process of being translated. :0)

Our joy came early this morning when we called a 73 year old friend in New York to tell her Happy Birthday and thank her for her sweet influence. And I could tell our simple phone call brought her a lot of JOY. Serendipitous!