Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 436: My Head Hurts

Not very joyful, but true.  And the reason why I struggled to think of a good title tonight.  Sorry.

Today was completely nuts.  I was just running from one thing to the next, often not finishing the one thing before I had to move on to the next.  A little sad.  But I know the rest of the week will be better, so we're okay.

Except that I'm sick again.  Fun fun fun.

But the good news is, I did find time for Joyful Moments throughout the day.  One was when HH pointed out the beautiful flowers blossoming on one of our fruit trees!  When we planted them last spring, that was one of the things I was most looking forward to.  The funny thing is, I mowed all around that tree this morning without ever glancing up to notice the blossoms.  We have a push mower, so I'm frequently looking down to make sure it doesn't run over anything that will snag in the blades.  Thank goodness for HH in pointing out the flowers to me tonight!

And the other exciting news is that our little seedling have begun to sprout.  As of last night, all of the peas were coming up (we hadn't intended to plant these indoors, but there were some minor hiccups in getting our garden soil ready) and one tomato were beginning to peak out above the soil.  This evening I discovered a few more tomatoes.  Lovely!  They look so cute!  It's amazing how fast they grow!  I found myself wishing I could just sit and watch them.  But maybe that really because I really needed to just sit and do anything that required little to no effort.

Ah, at least it's bed time!

Wishing you all sprouting little Joyful Moments that blossom into something fabulous!

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Linda said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Shall I bring some chicken soup over? CONGRATS on the gardening progress - I'm so jealous; we're still working on making a garden spot. We have all the trees down and most of their debris taken care of. And I'm turning the compost more regularly. :) Does that count as progress?

I had a great day of buying food storage items! And going out to dinner (delectible salmon:) with Dad and 2 men from China. It was a great day!