Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 435: Where The Sidewalk Ends

Remember that I told you a house is being built next door?  Well, they appear to be nearly finished.  On Friday they began framing the sidewalk.  Little M was so excited and begged if he could watch.  I knew I'd be a few minutes getting lunch ready, so I set up his little camping chair in the driveway and handed him a bowl of sliced apples.  And he sat there and watched them work and loved every minute of it.

Today, shortly after he woke from his nap, he looked out the window and saw a CEMENT TRUCK!!!  That's how he felt about it anyway.

I knew he had to go watch again as they poured the cement.  So, he headed outside, this time getting his camping chair all by himself.  He came back in a minute later declaring, "You've got to come see this!"  So, I went out with him and watched for a bit.  They were done with the pouring and the man was cleaning  the thing the cement slides down and putting it away.  Little M and I both learned a bit about cement trucks (something I've been longing for my whole life), but mostly I just enjoyed being there and sharing in Little M's joy and exhilaration.  He was SO excited!  And that was SO my Joyful Moment!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are just SO!

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Linda said...

How cool is that! Perhaps the whole reason you bought your home next to a vacant lot was to let him have this experience. :) I love him!

I was inspired this morning when I read about a New Era article about an amazing young woman. You can read it here:

That was the joyful way I started my day.