Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 452: I Should Have Taken A Picture

I think that a lot when I get down here to post.  I know that pictures make a post infinitely more interesting. I'll try to be better.

Tonight there's nothing to be done about it, though.  The object of my desired photo is sleeping peacefully in her bed.

Today she was honored by being awarded "The Student of The Month Award".  I am so proud of her.  Only two other students in her class have received this same award.  She got a nice certificate and a t-shirt, accompanied by a sweet note from her teacher detailing the specifics of why Sweet P was chosen for this award.  For being responsible, for helping, for being a friend, and more.

She was so so so excited and proud to show me.  And it was seriously an awesome Joyful Moment to see her excitement and joy.  She had a rough day yesterday and didn't sleep well last night, so it made me all the more grateful for her to experience this today.

I love my baby girl.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments in being recognized for how awesome you are, at least once in a while!

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Linda said...

WOW - How wonderful that her teacher recognized her true nature. CONGRATULATIONS, Sweet P.

My joy was spending the evening with my 2 youngest siblings and their families. Family Joy is the best!