Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 431: Like A Fish

That's me.  I pretty much grew up in the pool.  I was on swim team.  I haven't really been swimming swimming since I trained for my triathlon a few years ago.  But I miss it.  And my arms could really use some shaping up.  So, I've decided to take it up again.

For some reason, it takes a lot for me to find the motivation to swim laps at the gym.  I think it's partly because then I know I will absolutely have to wash and style my hair.  Even though this only takes a few minutes, it bothers me.  It's also because I hate sharing a lane.  I'm no good at it.  I've seriously injured people by smacking hands/arms as I pass by them going opposite directions and I've had some awkward moments of accidentally bumping into people as I swim up behind them.  I keep my head down, so I can't really see when someone is right in front of me until my hand makes contact and I come up.  And trust me, that is always an awkward situation.

But, today I mustered the courage and did it.  And it felt sooooooo good to be back in the water!  Even though my upper body is ridiculously out of shape for swimming.  It just was fabulous to be back.  Definitely my Joyful Moment today.  And fortunately, I only had to share a lane for a brief couple of minutes and the other guy was walking (yeah, you read that right.  He was NOT swimming in the water, he was walking in it), so it was fairly easy to steer clear.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments without any awkward contact!


Amy said...

oh you're making me miss the water! Congrats on overcoming a fear and doing a "hard" thing! Then again, you do hard things all the time...all the same, congrats on overcoming yet another!

Linda said...

WAY TO GO! Your dad and I have been going to the fitness center about 1/week and I think about all the hours you kids spent there. Those were good times.

This was my first day working in the temple. I was exhausted at the end, and overwhelmed at the responsibility, but very joyful to be a part of this great work.