Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 433: Popcorn

Today was rough.  I'm fairly unwell.  The best I've felt all day was when I took a nap.  Until it was interrupted by a screaming Baby B waking up only halfway through his nap.  Fabulous.

But before that, we headed to our favorite gardening center for some dirt and whatnot for the garden.  And popcorn.  They have super yummy popcorn.  And they give it away for free.  And it totally earns my business.  I'm like a four-year old sometimes.  I know.  And the salt felt good on my diseased throat.  And munching away on the buttery goodness was today's Joyful Moment.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments full of crunchy, buttery goodness!

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Linda said...

For some unknown reason, Dad & I smelled popcorn during our testimony meeting today - while we were fasting :) Dad said that's because it's celestial food. No wonder they won your loyalty by offering it free.

My joy came from talking to 5 of my granddaughters on the phone today. :)