Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 437: Music To My Ears

At violin lessons on Monday we finally discovered the cause of Sweet P's recent regression in posture--she's outgrown her violin.  Initially, I was not pleased about this.  I'm not happy to hear that she's still growing and we just bought her current violin back in December (she's been using it since she began lessons, we just rented up until then).

But today we met her instructor at the violin shop to shop for a new instrument.  We didn't have her with us the last time.  This time, she had Sweet P try a couple of instruments and then they chose the better sounding of the two.  It sounds better than her current instrument as well.  Much.  Not so screechy and squeaky.

Since I will be listening to this instrument for probably (hopefully) a couple years at least, this was today's Joyful Moment.  I'm excited to hear her play it for real tomorrow!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are less screechy and squeaky!

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Linda said...

How exciting for her! We look forward to hearing her play it...

Tonight we finally met one of our primary class members who doesn't come. We've gone to his home before but never found anyone home. Tonight, on his 7th Birthday, we happened by just after his family got home from his party and got to meet this fun-loving little boy. YEA!!!