Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 449: Rain, Rain Go Away

So, I know rain is needed round these parts and all, but I could really go for at least a three day stretch without any.  The main reason being that my little seedling starts are really outgrowing their tiny container homes and need to get planted in the garden, but the garden needs one more tilling with added fertilizer and whatnot before that can happen, and we can't do that unless the dirt is relatively dry!  Ack!

Today has been seriously rainy.  And cold.

Usually, when Sweet P gets off the bus in the afternoons, I just stand in the driveway and let her run to me.  It's not far and I'm often in the middle of something in the kitchen and need to get back to it quickly.  But given the downpour this afternoon, Little M, Z, and I (thankfully, Baby B was sleeping) pulled out the umbrella and walked down to the corner so we could protect her from the rain as soon as she got off the bus.

We have one of those very large, over-sized umbrellas, so it was big enough to cover all of us.  But the the kids and the dog lacked the coordination to keep all of us under the umbrella and walking forward.  We must have made a ridiculous site.  The three of them kept shuffling from side to side in front of me, with the individual directly in front of me invariably stopping in their tracks and tripping me up as I tried to balance our large umbrella against the wind.

Oddly enough, this was my Joyful Moment.  Some days this sort of thing would drive me nuts.  But today, I was able to have the clarity to appreciate the experience for what it was--a precious, laughable moment with my darling babies.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments dancing in the rain (hopefully, with a little more coordination than we possessed!)

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Linda said...

"singing in the rain..."

My baby brother and his family arrived early this afternoon to visit for the next few days. We've talked almost non-stop and ended the day with several rounds of golf (the rook card version) for our FHE. Fun times!