Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 158: Z Double O

HH had the day off today--always a Joyful Moment! So, we took the whole crew up to the big city to see the big city zoo.

Family zoo trip + pre-trip run w/ Z + a few hours of driving + carrying Baby B and/or pushing Little M in the stroller + 7 hours on my feet at the zoo - crazy tantrums from Sweet P + post-4th fireworks upon arriving home = Mega Joyful Moments + 1 tired Mama.

Good night!

Wishing you all Joy+ful = Moments!

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Linda said...

On the way home this evening, my HH suggested visiting my aunt whose husband died unexpectedly 2 months ago. It was such a good thing for us and for her. Her hand holding and her hugs and her smiles and her kind words resulted in lots and lots of joy.