Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 167: Panera--Home of Female Bonding

Back in New England I had an amazing group of girlfriends. We didn't all live in the same neighborhood, or even town, but we all went to the same church. And once a month (give, or take) we would meet for dinner at Panera.

I love Panera. And I love those ladies. And I miss them. And I miss those evenings out with them.

So, I decided to organize a Panera Ladies Group here. Tonight was the first event and it went smashingly. Not everyone could make it and, though we missed those who weren't there, it's always nice to have a smaller group for easier conversation. We had so much fun! The conversation was great--hilarious most of the time. And I even found a salad and a sandwich that are approved by Baby B's belly.

It was such a fantastically fabulous Joyful Moment! And it wouldn't have been the same without HH volunteering to watch one of my friend's three children when she said she couldn't come because her husband had a meeting. Isn't HH amazing? A huge shout out, thanks, and smooches to him!

Wishing you all girly Joyful Moments!


gus said...

HH - definitely a keeper... ;-)

Linda said...

A note to Gus - You'll like him even more when you meet him someday :) (no surprise)

Interestingly, we went to Zupa's for salad with Karen - and commented how much it reminds us of Panera - kind of feels like we were in sync. That was joyful, but my real joy came from attending the temple with my HH and Karen, and learning some new things. I love the temple.