Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 159: Mr. Chatter Box

Today was sort of awful. Surprise! I know, I never say that.

But tonight, as I sat contemplating all of my failures in life, Baby B suddenly turned to me with big huge smiles and just started chatting away. Even though I completely spaced his diet yesterday and ordered a deli sandwich with cheese and who knows what other banned items, so his tummy was most likely hurting. He still wanted to express his pleasure at seeing my face and making eye contact.

So, even though I'm really trying not to duplicate Joyful Moments in my posts, I have to award today's Joyful Moment to my sweet little Baby B. He's so good at making me feel joy and forget all the bad--even about myself.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and non-awful days!


Nikki said...

That sounds like a sweet little moment. I am sure that he has a lot of your qualities, even if at times you can't see it yourself.

Melanie said...

I don't think you should worry about duplicated moments...I think we find joy by all the time by repeated events...and that makes them all the more joyous....ENJOY EVERY MIN.

Linda said...

I think you can duplicate every joy that comes from babies.. or children... or husbands... or friends... or moms... Relationships are a great source of joy to me, and I treasure my friendship with you and with all my children (including those that some call my children-in-law).

My joy today was eating an ice cream cone at Macey's with one of my kids - Do you remember that tradition? I hope mentioned dairy doesn't make you sad - just think, next time you're out here let's go enjoy their 50c ice cream cones together, ok? love you!