Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 178: Compensating

So, Z was kind of neglected this weekend as we prepare for all the company. She was pretty sad by yesterday evening and we felt bad.

To make it up to her, we took her to the dog run and let her run and play to her hearts content. We've been alternating between heat/humidity advisory warnings and torrential down pours for the last couple weeks, so the dog run has seen few visitors. Thanks to some cooler weather today following a few dry days, the dogs (and their people) came out this afternoon in droves.

It was totally my Joyful Moment watching Z run and splash in the creek with all of these other dogs. She's a very social dog, so she couldn't have been happier. And the kids had a great time "esploring" through the foliage that has grown to insane heights due to the recent wet weather. And me, I just enjoyed being with my HH (Baby B was sleeping in the Moby Wrap) and taking it all in.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments of soaking in the joy of everyone you love being happy and content!

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Linda said...

Spent the day with 3 of our children and their families - families are a great source of joy - attended church, played games, talked and talked.